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"Given enough time, everything becomes beautiful."

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I'm showing pictures of my work, stuff that inspires me, pictures from projects I work on and pictures that live in my head.

I use my feelings, not my eyes. I'm a bricoleur who uses black and white, polaroid, colorfilm,slidefilm,found materials, cutouts...My inspiration comes from books, movies, music, advertising, art, magazines and my head is filled with a constant murmle. I can't turn of the switch. I live in a constant stream of images.

I grab whatever camera I find in my closet, this one today, that one tomorrow. Technicalities don't interest me.

When I put a camera in front of my eye everything else is gone.

All photographs and works on this site are © 2014 "Axel Stevens (My name's axel)" -- all rights reserved. If you use them without my consent, I'll whip your ass ;-)

Portrait of an African male posing in a laundrette

Portrait of an African male posing in a laundrette

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