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"Given enough time, everything becomes beautiful."

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I'm showing pictures of my work, stuff that inspires me, pictures from projects I work on and pictures that live in my head.

I use my feelings, not my eyes. I'm a bricoleur who uses black and white, polaroid, colorfilm,slidefilm,found materials, cutouts...My inspiration comes from books, movies, music, advertising, art, magazines and my head is filled with a constant murmle. I can't turn of the switch. I live in a constant stream of images.

I grab whatever camera I find in my closet, this one today, that one tomorrow. Technicalities don't interest me.

When I put a camera in front of my eye everything else is gone.

All photographs and works on this site are © 2014 "Axel Stevens (My name's axel)" -- all rights reserved. If you use them without my consent, I'll whip your ass ;-)



I’ve stumbled on these images as by accident ; maybe the initial idea as been present in the back of my mind for some time and I’ve taken pictures that led me to this sequence of images. The working title is “Violent Structures” but I begin to think that “BLOK” is a better title ;-)

These buildings, structures have a “looming” kind of atmosphere. Their presence is very much felt…hence their “violent” nature

They are ment to “contain” and exert pressure on their immediate surroundings - the 6x6 format makes this whole series cube like as well…and the cheap expired black and white film ( which by the way comes from eastern europe before the Berlin Wall went down ) does the trick…the images wouldn’t be as powerfull in color.

The reason why these images are surfacing up in my mind is because one way or another I’ve always been attracted to them, visually and emotionally ; they look impenetrable but they have a great sadness about them also. Yes, a bit like me I suppose… [Axel Stevens]

© Axel Stevens

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"Sudden surprises, by the way — and this thought may be in itself a sudden surprise to you — are a sort of antidote to paranoia… or, to be accurate about it, to live in such a way as to encounter sudden surprises quite often or even now and then is an indication that you are not paranoid, because to the paranoid, nothing is a surprise; everything happens exactly as he expected, and sometimes even more so. It all fits into his system; maybe all systems — that is, any theoretical, verbal, symbolic, semantic, etc. formulation that attempts to act as an all-encompassing, all-explaining hypothesis of what the universe is about — are manifestations of paranoia. We should be content with the mysterious, the meaningless, the contradictory, the hostile, and most of all the unexplainably warm and giving — total so-called inanimate environment, in other words very much like a person, like the behavior of one intricate, subtle, half-veiled, deep, perplexing, and much to be loved human being to another. To be feared a little, too, sometimes. And perpetually misunderstood. About which we can neither know or be sure; we must only trust and make guesses toward. Not being what you thought, not doing right by you, not being just, but then sustaining you as by momentary caprice, but then abandoning you, or at least seeming to. What it is actually up to we may never know. But at least this is better, is it not, than to possess the self-defeating, life-defeating spurious certitude of the paranoid — expressed, by a friend of mine, humorously, I guess, like this: “Doctor, someone is putting something in my food to make me paranoid.” The doctor should have asked, was that person putting it in his food free, or charging him for it?"
The Android and The Human - Philip K. Dick 1972
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"Through most of modern history, “sublimation” was possible: at the expense of expressing only a small portion of oneself, that small portion could be expressed intensely. But sublimation depends on a reasonable tempo to history. If the collective life of a generation has moved too quickly, the “past” by which particular men and women of that generation may function is not, let us say, thirty years old, but relatively a hundred or two hundred years old. And so the nervous system is overstressed beyond the possibility of such compromises as sublimation, especially since the stable middle-class values so prerequisite to sublimation have been virtually destroyed in our time, at least as nourishing values free of confusion or doubt. In such a crisis of accelerated historical tempo and deteriorated values, neurosis tends to be replaced by psychopathy, and the success of psychoanalysis (which even ten years ago gave promise of becoming a direct major force) diminishes because of its inbuilt and characteristic incapacity to handle patients more complex, more experienced, or more adventurous than the analyst himself. In practice, psychoanalysis has by now become all too often no more than a psychic blood-letting. The patient is not so much changed as aged, and the infantile fantasies which he is encouraged to express are condemned to exhaust themselves against the analyst’s non-responsive reactions. The result for all too many patients is a diminution, a “tranquilizing” of their most interesting qualities and vices. The patient is indeed not so much altered as worn out—less bad, less good, less bright, less willful, less destructive, less creative. He is thus able to conform to that contradictory and unbearable society which first created his neurosis. He can conform to what he loathes because he no longer has the passion to feel loathing so intensely."
Norman Mailer - The White Negro
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