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"Given enough time, everything becomes beautiful."

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I'm showing pictures of my work, stuff that inspires me, pictures from projects I work on and pictures that live in my head.

I use my feelings, not my eyes. I'm a bricoleur who uses black and white, polaroid, colorfilm,slidefilm,found materials, cutouts...My inspiration comes from books, movies, music, advertising, art, magazines and my head is filled with a constant murmle. I can't turn of the switch. I live in a constant stream of images.

I grab whatever camera I find in my closet, this one today, that one tomorrow. Technicalities don't interest me.

When I put a camera in front of my eye everything else is gone.

All photographs and works on this site are © 2014 "Axel Stevens (My name's axel)" -- all rights reserved. If you use them without my consent, I'll whip your ass ;-)



I’ve stumbled on these images as by accident ; maybe the initial idea as been present in the back of my mind for some time and I’ve taken pictures that led me to this sequence of images. The working title is “Violent Structures” but I begin to think that “BLOK” is a better title ;-)

These buildings, structures have a “looming” kind of atmosphere. Their presence is very much felt…hence their “violent” nature

They are ment to “contain” and exert pressure on their immediate surroundings - the 6x6 format makes this whole series cube like as well…and the cheap expired black and white film ( which by the way comes from eastern europe before the Berlin Wall went down ) does the trick…the images wouldn’t be as powerfull in color.

The reason why these images are surfacing up in my mind is because one way or another I’ve always been attracted to them, visually and emotionally ; they look impenetrable but they have a great sadness about them also. Yes, a bit like me I suppose… [Axel Stevens]

© Axel Stevens

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